1/ How to make a guitar “ Celtic” - overview of guitar tunes and ornamentation

2/ Altered States - an overview to get people started on altered guitar tunings including DADGAD (I get asked to do this one the most.)

3/ Accompanying songs with others - for those who want to accompany singers.  - Great for the person who maybe adds some vocal harmony but accompanying is their main thing.

4/ Accompanying tunes - looking at alternatives to the chords on the sheet music (not really for beginner players).

5/ Strumming styles/techniques for the right hand - a very practical but useful way to look at strumming the guitar with a flatpack, fingers or both - getting past the same old up/down patterns.  A good one for basic strummers.


Celtic Guitar Classes with Riverside Celtic College

Classic U.K. ballads that shaped songs of the last 800 years…..
Fiddle tunes that you just know would sound great on a guitar….
You want to be a better flat picker...
You want to play more fingerstyle and need a hand… 

I’ll be teaching Celtic Guitar through Riverside Celtic College - leading group classes in my home around the dining room table!  Accompanying songs/ballads, playing tunes in finger-style or flat-picking technique, altered tunings (DADGAD and others) - songs and tunes.  It runs for 8 weeks and will start a new session in the fall of 2017. 
Come on out!!  Evening sessions in Guelph on Wednesday nights at my home.
$240 for the 8 sessions. Space is limited to 4 participants.  Pass on to anyone you think might be interested!

Registration and further details can be found at
Contact me directly to sign up -  First class of Fall 2017 session is at 7 pm at my home - Sept 27.