GUITAR WORKSHOPS (scroll down for IRL program details!) 

Workshops are a great way to ramp up skill in a particular area without taking on commitment to private lessons.  I can add many of these as a 1.5 hour workshop the afternoon before a house concert:

1/ How to make a guitar “ Celtic” - overview of guitar tunes and ornamentation - 1.5 hr

2/ Altered States - an overview to get people started on altered guitar tunings including DADGAD (I get asked to do this one the most.) 1.5 hr overview or  4 x 1.5 hour clinics.

3/ Accompanying songs with others - for those who want to accompany singers.  - Great for the person who maybe adds some vocal harmony but accompanying is their main thing. 1.5 hrs

4/ Accompanying tunes - looking at alternatives to the chords on the sheet music (not really for beginner players).  1.5 hrs.

5/ Strumming styles/techniques for the right hand - a very practical but useful way to look at strumming the guitar with a flatpack, fingers or both - getting past the same old up/down patterns.  A good one for basic strummers.  1.5 hr 



ONLINE Guitar Workshops 

in conjunction with the


Guitar in Celtic/Folk/Traditional Workshop Series with Bob MacLean

Starts Thu., Feb. 04 for 5 weeks

Get your guitar skills ready for all things Celtic in March.

This workshop series will be a great way to use your time at home to hone your Celtic guitar skills and be ready for those jam session when they come back!

This workshop series will cover:


• Playing traditional tunes with a flatpick

• Learn types of tunes – jigs, airs, reels, hornpipes, etc

• How to accompany tunes in sessions

• Accompany traditional songs

• Learn about modes

• Review right and left-hand techniques

• Some basics of fingerstyle

• Using a capo


Workshop details


Cost:              $85 for the series of five 1 hr classes or $20 per individual class


Dates:            Thursday, February 4th - March 4th


Time:             7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Delivery:        Zoom-type class  (will use Jitsi Meet for this one) 


Experience needed:   This is a workshop series for guitar players looking to explore the rich roots music traditions found in Ireland, the UK and around the world.


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